Homa is a Sanskrit word that refers to a ritual, wherein an oblation or any religious offering is made into fire. A homa is sometimes called a “sacrifice ritual” because the fire destroys the offering, but a homa is more accurately a “votive ritual”. The fire is the agent, and the offerings include those that are material and symbolic such as grains, clarified butter, milk, incense and seeds.

Homams can be booked with a donation of C$201

Type of Homams

Purpose Homam
Avoiding Evil Spirit/To get promotion and better Job,Welfare Sudharsana Homam
Torments of illness Mrithyumjaya Homam
Graha Pravesam Included(Ganesh/luxmi/ navagraka)
Facing Financial Problems and wishes to earn wealth Sri Kubera Lakshmi Homam
Health Mrithyumjaya Homam
To get wealth Ganesh, Mahalakshmi/SwarnaluxmiHomam
Preggnency and Safe delivery Santhanagopala Homam
For long life AurVirithi/Ayush Homam
Satyanarayanapooja SatyanarayanaPooja
Chandi Chandi Homam
Hiranya Shradda Homam Shraddam
Seemantha Homam Shraddam